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Don’t Just Create an Event, Create an Ecosystem

Building a community is an essential step in establishing any company or brand as a leader in its respective industry. A brand community gives your consumers a place to engage, express themselves, connect with other like-minded individuals and more. It’s those engaged, expressive consumers who then become your brand evangelists and help increase brand awareness

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How Enterprises Can Prevent the Gig Economy From Collapse

The world is churning toward a future in which freelance work, not full-time employment, is the norm. By 2020, Intuit estimates that 43 percent of American workers will file 1099s. That statistic alone might make it sound like the gig economy is headed for nonstop growth, but if organizations don’t embrace the needs of the

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Trends in Artificial Intelligence that are Changing the Way We Talk

Every part of our business world is being changed by AI — even the way in which we communicate. Here’s how this is occurring today. In today’s business world, face-to-face communication and interactions don’t happen as frequently as they did in the past. We rely more on conference calls, email, and social media to make communication faster,

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