Unblocking Websites and Accessing Restricted Contents: The Ultimate Guide for 2019

Online freedom is only available to internet users that are equipped with tools and tricks that can help them access unlimited contents online. In this guide, we will highlight ways of accessing blocked websites and restricted contents in 2019.

Geo-restriction is commonly thought to be limited to countries that have openly taken a bold stand on content censorship. However, as revealed by the blocked.org.uk, geo-blocking is also a prevailing issue in the UK with over 700,000 contents inaccessible to internet users in this country. Unfortunately, this is becoming a trend in Europe and it has put a dent on cross-border e-commerce in this region. In a bid to end this discriminatory practice, the EU has introduced a new policy that focuses on illegalizing unjustified restrictions.

Away from Europe, a collaborative study by researchers from the University of Michigan and Cloudflare revealed that geo-restriction is increasingly becoming a political tool in the US as a study shows that US-sanctioned countries are often restricted from accessing contents from the US. Also, following the implementation of the latest privacy policy, US-based companies are struggling to comply with the GDPR, hence, they tend to be courteous when it comes to allowing access from the European region. What all these mean is that global internet freedom is on a decline.

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