Trends in Artificial Intelligence that are Changing the Way We Talk

Every part of our business world is being changed by AI — even the way in which we communicate. Here’s how this is occurring today.

In today’s business world, face-to-face communication and interactions don’t happen as frequently as they did in the past. We rely more on conference calls, email, and social media to make communication faster, easier, and more feasible.

However, these same tools have also made it more challenging for us to form relationships with those we’re doing business with — something that’s especially true for the mature workforce, but not so much so for millennials. Nevertheless, technology has now become the norm both in our communication and in other parts of our work environment as well.

The Fast Got Faster

Artificial Intelligence communication can help you reduce the amount of time you spend in conversations, which results in better experiences for customers. This was first seen when email hastened communication. Being able to send virtually signed (a.k.a. e-signatures) documents as attachments made emails even more productive.

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