Don’t Just Create an Event, Create an Ecosystem

Building a community is an essential step in establishing any company or brand as a leader in its respective industry. A brand community gives your consumers a place to engage, express themselves, connect with other like-minded individuals and more. It’s those engaged, expressive consumers who then become your brand evangelists and help increase brand awareness without you even asking.

Why companies should take a lesson from NRF and create entire communities around their events, and how this helps build brands.
A fantastic example of the power of community is the ecommerce ecosystem that springs up from the National Retail Federation’s Big Show (also known as NRF). New York is becoming a hub for new ecommerce and isn’t just a playground for big fashion labels anymore. NRF harnesses the power of this burgeoning retail-ecommerce communities and creates its own little world. This year, several other companies created events surround NRF 2019.

Young Presidents’ Organization held an event. There was a food and beverage event at the Marriott hotel down the street, my company Hawke Media held a networking mixer and Salesforce did something similar.

Creating Community
NRF is a hugely successful event in it of itself, but the community created around the conference is equally as important and should serve as an example to companies looking to build their own tribes. The ecosystem created around NRF is a great way to get outside of the conference and into core communities. These smaller, intimate events allow attendees to actually interact with each other on a personal level, forging connections and real relationships that are hard to achieve when just walking the floor.

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